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Translators Don't Need To Leave The Developing World To Work

  There are many people who contact me on Twitter almost every week saying they are stuck in a developing nation; a place we would call a third world country.

  The amount of people in third world and developing countries is over 5 billion with most of those in poverty. We are a world of over 7 billion people and I believe this is not balanced and not fair. God did not hand over an entire world for just a few to enjoy and yet we’re being pressed by greedy people locally, nationally, and internationally without much to do or say about it without spilling blood. There must be a peaceful way to balance things and for me it is creating opportunities for you.

  I created this site to serve the needs of institutions and big businesses who need accurate translations of local dialects and accents of a particular language all over the world. By signing up, posting everything about your region, village, dialect and accents and posting a job that you can do whether it is in writing, speaking or both, you will enter the market that is available to so few.

  I want you to make good money and that is why I ask you to post nothing lower that $20 per hour USD. I realize that just a few dollars convert to large numbers but there is no reason to compete with anyone.

  My site will be blessed to receive one local translator from a single region of a country. You are not competing with anyone else. If you have some smarts and connections you can create a group of translators and make a small percentage of those you have in your group. If you have too much work to handle, then raise your rate by $5 USD at a time. The other translators in the US are getting $45 to $65 per hour USD so I will not allow you to be short chained.

These are your must haves:

      1. You must be an expert in at least two languages or there’s no point in translating. People in your group can be great in one language as long as the leader has two languages.
      2. Signup and fill out ever detail of your profile including
        • Timezone
        • Hours of availability
        • Language
        • Dialect
        • Accent
      3. Verify your account
      4. Post a gig with a minimum $20/hr

Be warned, anyone undercutting the minimum per hour or failing to verify your account email will be removed from the site

 I want your experience to be the best for you and your family. I know opportunities are far and few between



Author Since: May 30, 2020

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